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I recently went on a spending splurge for an amazing makeup site called Sleek Makeup  I had watched some you tube makeup tutorials featuring some of their palettes and decided to bite the bullet and give them a try. I was quite worried as I've always liked to see the makeup in front of me before I buy it as I'm quite pale and sometimes the shades don't suit me. Yet thankfully I couldn’t have been happier with my purchases, I bought the sleek face form contour palette €12.99, the blush by 3 palette €12.99 and the eyebrow set €9.99. 

As you can see they have had quite a bit of use , I wanted to try them out properly before I did a review as I find sometimes after the initial excitement has worn off you start to notice things you don’t like about the products. However with these 3 items which I now use every day and couldn’t dream of living without, this most certainly didn’t happen. The first one I really put to the test was the face form contour set, its available in 4 different shades, I opted for the light shade as I thought the fair would be too light for when I had tan on. It has a matte effect bronzer for contouring, a shimmery powder for highlighting and a blusher called "rose gold" that I found gave my nars "Orgasm" blusher a run for its money. Each of the three has amazing pigmentation and lasting power. Since I’ve started using them a lot of people have asked me what products I use and can’t get over the fact that there so cheap.

Sleek Face Form Palette €12.99

The Bush by 3 palettes had the same amazing consistency as the contour palette, only with 3 gorgeous blushers to choose from. I love them all individually but found when mixed you can get some great combinations. I just love the packaging as it’s so slim and compact with its own mirror it seriously cuts down on the amount of makeup I have to cart around with me. I will say I did find the 3rd blusher a little too red (doesn’t quite show up in the photo) for my liking as it didn’t suit my skin tone but have started using as it as a lip gloss now instead sometimes.

Sleek Blush by 3 €12.99

Finally the brow set which I can’t really fault; as a previous lover of the benefit brow set I have most definitely been converted. At a fraction of the price with 5 shades to choose from I am in love with this little beauty. It has a wax style dark colour for outlining and shaping and a powder colour for filling in. They have great staying power and don’t leave me with that extreme eyebrow colour. I have found that if I leave it neat the radiator or my room is too warm the wax will become a little soft but that is more a fault on my part than the products but it’s definitely a tip.

They have a great selection of eye shadow palettes at great prices, when I get paid next I think I will invest in some of their lipsticks and powders so watch this space.

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Hey Ladies xx

So as I mentioned before my skin has changed for the better lately hence the need (not want) for new products . I've always suffered with spots and combination skin with very dry areas and equally as oily areas , however now my skin is much smoother and easier to apply makeup on to. My spots went away with the help of medication and duac once daily cream courtsey of my housemate who swears by it. Yet I still suffered with uneven skin, large pores and could never get my makeup to sit right or last. I dont know its just me but I found that my makeup would cake around my nose and chin , and yet it would be sliding of my checks revealing my redness on my cheeks in all its irish glory. 

That is until I found these 3 miracle products shown above, they helped keep my skin moist where needed but not leave it greasy , close off my pores and give me a smooth base to apply my makeup. The No7 Airbrush Away Primer was my first purchase its €25 in boots I have to say, I fell in love with it immediately. Don't let the boring packaging put you off this little miracle bottle does exactly what it says on the tin. You need the tiniest amount to cover your face or just certain areas and it really does give you that perfect airbrushed base. I have used many primers and found they left my face greasy which led to my makeup sliding off just as easy as I had put it on . Yet with this primer my makeup dosen't move it blends effortlessly with no lines or pores to sink into, and on a side note a little goes a long long way.

 Airbrush Away €25 at Boots

The second one I bought was the mac mineralize charged water moisture gel which has completely changed how my skin feels. I have used some of the most highly praised moisturisers with no luck such as clinique dramatically different . Yet this little pot of gold makes my skin feel smooth and soft without leaving it greasy and shiny giving it a smooth silk like feel. It itself almost feels like a primer when its dried in if you didnt have time to apply both. Its a little pricey at €38 in Brown Thomas but in my opinion its worth it for the difference it has made to my skin and how I feel about my skin without makeup which is much more important. 

Lastly in this very long review, my most recent skin care purchase was the clinique "take the day off cleansing milk". I wanted a cleanser that wouldn't be to heavy on my newly softened skin but stilll be strong enough to remove my crazy amounts of eyeliner and contouring creams. Let me tell you ladies I got what I asked for this bad boy priced at only €24.50 for a 200ml bottle leaves no trace ...let me say it again no trace of makeup , eyeliner , mascara or red lipstick on your face. Say goodbye to your chemically and drying face wipes and welcome this purple god into your skin regime. 

So there you have it my three new favourite skin products at the moment I couldnt give them high enough praise if I tried , however everyones skin is different, so i would recommend going in and talking to one of the lovely ladies at the counters to see if it will suit yours . 

Till then ladies thanks for visiting, enjoy the blog, 
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Meghan xxx

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