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Welcome to Circus that is my life :)

I guess I will start off by saying welcome to my blog, my name is Meghan McCord Millar I am your average red headed Irish girl. I am a self confessed beauty fanatic, obsessed with anything and everything to do with hair, makeup, nails, tan and fashion of course. I'm currently in the middle of completing my Science degree, I thought I'd change the world someday when I began, now I know I'll be doing well if I make it out with a degree and my liver intact.

I work as a sales advisor is the amazing Miss Selfridge for the past 4 years of my young life , I've gained a lot of experience in fashion (thankfully some might say when I look back at old photos) and try to incorporate any new fashion trends I like into my own style and make it my own. 

So this is it , my dive into the world of blogging !

I'm sure I shall make many mistakes before I finally get it right , but it will be some craic along the way. Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to post about things that I love and hate, and as the title might suggest a lot of the content will be on beauty products, do's & dont's and possibly some reviews, we are women after all we love a good review . I always feel if I read the review I've done my research and I can justify buying it ( like men and shopping around for cars).

For now its a goodbye as it is getting late and work will be dragging me out of my cozy bed in the morning , but till then thanks for calling , enjoy the blog , subscribe and share the love <3

Love Meghan xx

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