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Cotton Face Vintage the place where fashion dreams are made

Hey Ladies 

As a lot of you know I worked in Miss Selfridge for nearly 4 years and it gave me a bit of insight into the different kinds of fashion trends and styles out there. I've always been a bit of shopaholic my mum can vouch for that, when I was younger she would have to pull me away from clothes that were way too old for me. So when I began working in Miss Selfridge it was amazing being around so many amazing stylish women and ever changing fashion trends. I worked with some of the most stylish women I know to date within all the different stores in the department store that housed the Miss Selfridge I worked in. To say I learned a lot from these women is an understatement, you will all know who you are. Whether they know it or not they showed me how to adapt current trends into my own style and make it my own and I can’t thank them enough for that. 

So onto the main point of this post, lately I have been really obsessed with thrift shopping for vintage items so I can find something unusual and unique that others might not have. The funny thing is a lot of the stuff I am picking up is stuff I would have laughed at and turned my nose up at when my mum picked it out in a store a few years ago, so apologies for that mum I guess mothers do no best sometimes ha-ha. 

Now don’t get me wrong thrift shopping isn’t always going into charity shops and rummaging through piles of clothes even though that is where you will probably find the best items and help a great cause. There are stores that deal especially with vintage style clothing and one of my all-time favourite's at the moment has got to be Cotton Face Vintage. This amazing vintage shop is run by the ever so stylish Sinead Lally in spiddal, however the best part about is you can shop straight from her Facebook page and she will post it to you. I was delighted when I found this out because I have no way of getting out to spiddal really even though I live in Galway. 

Cotton Face Vintage's Logo

 Sinead Lally the owner of Cotton Face Vintage
How amazingly stylish is she!

Her Facebook page can be found here, but from what I've heard she is working on a website that should be up and running in the New Year. Her Facebook page is full of vintage items for little or nothing with some great styling ideas. One of my favourite things about this shop is the accessories she buys in, from fur collars, costume jewellery in every colour imaginable, fur cuffs, fedora hats and my staple bowler hat. These items go for as little as 6.99 sometimes, at the moment she has some great Christmas sales on which when I get paid I’m planning on buying everything!! 

In the process of buying this outfit its just so versatile I am in love with it..So excited.

How amazing are the accessories in this photo? I need to get my handson one of these moschino belts but they keep selling out.

Loving these turbans this winter they make you look super stylish. This colour is one of my favourite's.

Selection of some of CFV new stock at the moment I just see sparkle and I get excited I am like a magpie

Click on any of the photos above to go to her website and see pricing and sizes of the items. I think the reason I love this store so much is the fact that I can find items that I won’t find on every other girl walking around which let’s be fair can be very irritating. If you’re the kind of girl who prefers to try on items first before buying them kind of like myself you can visit Pandora's Box on the last Saturday of every month in Galway city. It’s basically an indoor "flee market" but it’s full of some amazing clothing and accessories it’s worth a look. If you see any items on Cotton Face Vintage's store that you like you could always send Sinead a private mail on her website and see will she have them available at Pandora's Box. 

I really can’t give this lady's style enough praise she really has changed how I dress recently. The red tartan jacket I wore at style in the city was such a huge hit all of ye, I can’t even remember how many people contacted me about it after I posted the photo. That tartan jacket was from Cotton Face Vintage of course so you can see the quality of the items and how unbelievable stylish they are. I have a wishlist from her store at the moment and it's the first place I will be going with my Christmas money this year and I can hardly wait eek!!Hopefully ye like the page just as much as I do and make sure and let me know what you buy from her. 

Till then ladies thanks for visiting, enjoy the blog, 
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Meghan xxx


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