Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tutorials on Contouring

Hey Ladies 

I’m a self-confessed procrastinator, and seeing as its exam time for me at the moment I’ve been spending a lot of my study time taking breaks to watch you tube videos. I follow quite a lot of amazing video bloggers, some of my favourites would be Carli belleSMLx0 , So Sue Me to mention a few. However my go to video blogger has got to be Jaclyn Hill, she is a makeup artist who previously worked for Mac and has amazing videos on how to do almost everything with makeup. I will link some of her videos below but I would definitely recommend spending some time on her page as she gives amazing advice. Her videos on contouring and highlighting really changed how I apply my makeup, her eye makeup tutorials and fashion hauls are also brilliant. I know she’s not in Ireland but she’s uses a lot of well-known products that you can easily get. 

After I bought my concealer palettes and contour palette I wanted to make sure I knew how to use them properly so I watched some videos like any girl would do and here were some of my favourites 

Jaclyn Hill "How to contour , highlight and Blush"

"How to cream contour" Jacyln Hill

That's only a taster of some of her videos , Ill be adding some more in a few days.She really is a fantastic person and so friendly, I find it so easy to listen to her and follow her tips. I hope ye find her as useful as I do I think shes worth a watch. 
Her you tube channel can be found here , her website has some great style advice and makeup looks to try out also. 

Till then ladies thanks for visiting, enjoy the blog, 
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Meghan xxx

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