Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sleek Haul

Hey Ladies 

I recently went on a spending splurge for an amazing makeup site called Sleek Makeup  I had watched some you tube makeup tutorials featuring some of their palettes and decided to bite the bullet and give them a try. I was quite worried as I've always liked to see the makeup in front of me before I buy it as I'm quite pale and sometimes the shades don't suit me. Yet thankfully I couldn’t have been happier with my purchases, I bought the sleek face form contour palette €12.99, the blush by 3 palette €12.99 and the eyebrow set €9.99. 

As you can see they have had quite a bit of use , I wanted to try them out properly before I did a review as I find sometimes after the initial excitement has worn off you start to notice things you don’t like about the products. However with these 3 items which I now use every day and couldn’t dream of living without, this most certainly didn’t happen. The first one I really put to the test was the face form contour set, its available in 4 different shades, I opted for the light shade as I thought the fair would be too light for when I had tan on. It has a matte effect bronzer for contouring, a shimmery powder for highlighting and a blusher called "rose gold" that I found gave my nars "Orgasm" blusher a run for its money. Each of the three has amazing pigmentation and lasting power. Since I’ve started using them a lot of people have asked me what products I use and can’t get over the fact that there so cheap.

Sleek Face Form Palette €12.99

The Bush by 3 palettes had the same amazing consistency as the contour palette, only with 3 gorgeous blushers to choose from. I love them all individually but found when mixed you can get some great combinations. I just love the packaging as it’s so slim and compact with its own mirror it seriously cuts down on the amount of makeup I have to cart around with me. I will say I did find the 3rd blusher a little too red (doesn’t quite show up in the photo) for my liking as it didn’t suit my skin tone but have started using as it as a lip gloss now instead sometimes.

Sleek Blush by 3 €12.99

Finally the brow set which I can’t really fault; as a previous lover of the benefit brow set I have most definitely been converted. At a fraction of the price with 5 shades to choose from I am in love with this little beauty. It has a wax style dark colour for outlining and shaping and a powder colour for filling in. They have great staying power and don’t leave me with that extreme eyebrow colour. I have found that if I leave it neat the radiator or my room is too warm the wax will become a little soft but that is more a fault on my part than the products but it’s definitely a tip.

They have a great selection of eye shadow palettes at great prices, when I get paid next I think I will invest in some of their lipsticks and powders so watch this space.

Till then ladies thanks for visiting, enjoy the blog, 
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Meghan xxx


  1. Hi Meghan, I'm currently using the benefit brow set and want to try the Sleek kit. I use the light shade with the Benefit one so would the light shade be suitable with Sleek?

  2. Hey amy I bought the dark one from sleek because , the light one was too pale in the end it was more for blonde/light brown eyebrows mine are dark enough. The powder is a medium brown colour almost like a bronzer color but the wax is much darker.