Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cotton Face Vintage the place where fashion dreams are made

Hey Ladies 

As a lot of you know I worked in Miss Selfridge for nearly 4 years and it gave me a bit of insight into the different kinds of fashion trends and styles out there. I've always been a bit of shopaholic my mum can vouch for that, when I was younger she would have to pull me away from clothes that were way too old for me. So when I began working in Miss Selfridge it was amazing being around so many amazing stylish women and ever changing fashion trends. I worked with some of the most stylish women I know to date within all the different stores in the department store that housed the Miss Selfridge I worked in. To say I learned a lot from these women is an understatement, you will all know who you are. Whether they know it or not they showed me how to adapt current trends into my own style and make it my own and I can’t thank them enough for that. 

So onto the main point of this post, lately I have been really obsessed with thrift shopping for vintage items so I can find something unusual and unique that others might not have. The funny thing is a lot of the stuff I am picking up is stuff I would have laughed at and turned my nose up at when my mum picked it out in a store a few years ago, so apologies for that mum I guess mothers do no best sometimes ha-ha. 

Now don’t get me wrong thrift shopping isn’t always going into charity shops and rummaging through piles of clothes even though that is where you will probably find the best items and help a great cause. There are stores that deal especially with vintage style clothing and one of my all-time favourite's at the moment has got to be Cotton Face Vintage. This amazing vintage shop is run by the ever so stylish Sinead Lally in spiddal, however the best part about is you can shop straight from her Facebook page and she will post it to you. I was delighted when I found this out because I have no way of getting out to spiddal really even though I live in Galway. 

Cotton Face Vintage's Logo

 Sinead Lally the owner of Cotton Face Vintage
How amazingly stylish is she!

Her Facebook page can be found here, but from what I've heard she is working on a website that should be up and running in the New Year. Her Facebook page is full of vintage items for little or nothing with some great styling ideas. One of my favourite things about this shop is the accessories she buys in, from fur collars, costume jewellery in every colour imaginable, fur cuffs, fedora hats and my staple bowler hat. These items go for as little as 6.99 sometimes, at the moment she has some great Christmas sales on which when I get paid I’m planning on buying everything!! 

In the process of buying this outfit its just so versatile I am in love with it..So excited.

How amazing are the accessories in this photo? I need to get my handson one of these moschino belts but they keep selling out.

Loving these turbans this winter they make you look super stylish. This colour is one of my favourite's.

Selection of some of CFV new stock at the moment I just see sparkle and I get excited I am like a magpie

Click on any of the photos above to go to her website and see pricing and sizes of the items. I think the reason I love this store so much is the fact that I can find items that I won’t find on every other girl walking around which let’s be fair can be very irritating. If you’re the kind of girl who prefers to try on items first before buying them kind of like myself you can visit Pandora's Box on the last Saturday of every month in Galway city. It’s basically an indoor "flee market" but it’s full of some amazing clothing and accessories it’s worth a look. If you see any items on Cotton Face Vintage's store that you like you could always send Sinead a private mail on her website and see will she have them available at Pandora's Box. 

I really can’t give this lady's style enough praise she really has changed how I dress recently. The red tartan jacket I wore at style in the city was such a huge hit all of ye, I can’t even remember how many people contacted me about it after I posted the photo. That tartan jacket was from Cotton Face Vintage of course so you can see the quality of the items and how unbelievable stylish they are. I have a wishlist from her store at the moment and it's the first place I will be going with my Christmas money this year and I can hardly wait eek!!Hopefully ye like the page just as much as I do and make sure and let me know what you buy from her. 

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Style in the City .. Girly Night Out

Hey Ladies 

So as some of you may know I'm currently in the middle of my Christmas exams and they haven't been fun they involved long nights fuelled by caffeine and some serious cramming... However on Wednesday I had a night off and went along to Style in the City hosted by Cotton Face Vintage a well-known vintage boutique, and super stylish fashion blogger Rebecca Casserly from Bec Boop Fashionista. 

There I am with one of the vintage blazers I bought from Cotton Face Vintage .. Love is not the word 

The night was a fundraiser for two amazing charities, firstly Jigsaw in Galway which are an organization that offer counselling and other services for mental health to young people under the age of 25 for free. The other charity was Western alziemers which offer support and care for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and their families. It was an amazing night sponsored by some great local businesses in Galway helping to make it a glamorous night out for everyone that attended.

BecBoop fashionista one of the Organisers and Robin 
McGonigle from Jewel Studded Grunge rocking her
shamazing new haircut.
The ever fabulous Séana Curly from Innocent Illusion

Myself ,a few other friends and some well-known bloggers were at the event, we were like kids in a candy shop at all the different stalls from Cotton face Vintage, Pia Galway , Million Dollar Secrets, Thrift shop Junkies, Peter Marks and public romance to name a few. Each store had a stall where you could shop around or get your hair and nails done; I myself spent a good chunk of my rent money on some amazing vintage pieces and a dryer hood from sleep in rollers (review on it soon). 

Peter Mark Hair Style Station, how amazing are those mirrors!!

Pia Fashion Boutique's display, as you already know I'm a huge fan of their unique
jewellery pieces I already own two and can't wait to visit the shop to get some more. 

Cotton Face Vintage's stall on the night where I purchased my new tartan blazer, Sinead
the owner really has the most amazing style and always finds great pieces for her customers 

Bespoke Headwear stand on the night.

There was a fashion show on the night also at half 7 which had outfits from stores such as Born, Swamp, Cotton Face Vintage, Public Romance and the amazing Pia Boutique in Galway. The outfits were fab I was so glad I only bought a little bit of money with me otherwise I would more than likely be homeless right now. I will however have a post soon on some of my purchases to get your opinions and see if ye like them or not.

One of the gorgeous models wearing an amazing sequin
dress from Pia boutique, I just need somewhere
to go now so I can buy it. 
The stunning Meghan Jones modelling a piece from
Thrift shop Junkies line, there's something so 1920's
about this piece.

Myself and a few of the girls mentioned here won some great prizes from the raffle on the night to make things even better!! We had a great night and raised money for charity all in one go, I think it can be said it was worth the pain in my feet when I got home. Someone out there needs to tell me if they know of a pair of heels that don’t hurt like crazy because I certainly can't find any.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sleep in Rollers the best money I have ever spent !!!

Hey Ladies

So as you have probably seen from my facebook like page I recently tried out the Sleep in Rollers everyone has been talking about. I was weary about buying them as my hair is quite long and there's a lot of it , so I did some research and watched a few you tube videos. The videos I watched did not do them any justice trust me , Im so glad I went ahead and got them. The results were amazing and you all seemed to love the photos I put up about them. The rollers I used were the mega bounce sleep in ones you can find them here on cloud 10 and here on Sleep in Rollers actual website.

So the sleep in rollers are available from lots of places from the company's actual website which you can find here, or certain pharmacies like cara pharmacy in galway.. I got mine on cloud 10 as I have used them many is the time for beauty products . There website is easy to use and really fast delivery (which btw is free till xmas). The rollers come in a really cute pink bag that hold all the rollers once you unpack them , a pink velvet pouch with hair clips its all kind of adorable to be honest .

Using the actual rollers might seem daunting at first but its soooooooo easy trust me!!
I used curling moose in my hair when it was dry and then brushed it through just to make sure it stayed put.

  1. I then section off my hair starting with my crown and put the first 4/5 rollers on top of my head 
  2. For my fringe I went in an anti clockwise direction (so towards your face ladies) and for the rest a clockwise diresction towards the back of your head.
  3. Then parting the rest of my hair to each side I began at the side of my head always rolling clockwise (rolling inwards towards your ear) as I wanted a curl effect not a flick (for that roll anti clockwise so towards the top of your head)
  4. I put about 3-4 on the very front sides of my face and then the rest built around the back. 
  5. To secure each roller i place the hair pins supplied into the roller and into my hair , so your basically opening the pin and sliding the smooth edge between the velcro and the sponge of the roller and the ridged side into your hair. 
  6. I had to add a few more to make sure it stayed put, I popped some backcombing powder into my roots with the rollers in and blasted it with the hair dryer for a few seconds.

And that's it took a few snapchats and got into bed, now I know there called sleep in rollers but don't expect miracles you are sleeping with a good 15 rollers in your hair. I slept fine once i moved around and found a comfortable position , but it took a few minutes. Remember though the rollers are soft in the inside so they are easy to lie on that's the unique part about these little miracles .The next morning I got up and couldn't wait to take them out it was easy enough had no knots or anything, I simply brushed my hair out put my head down and through my hair back and it was AMAZING !!!! I took a serious amount of selfie's that day!! I went into college and the amount of compliments I got about my hair was unbelievable , nobody could get over I had done it with rollers. They are most definitely going to be my go to hair styling choice, but when Im in a rush I think I might invest in their nifty dryer hood which traps the heat from your hairdryer inside and heats the rollers. That way I can pop then in before a night out while I'm getting ready and just take them out when I'm all finished , Ill let you know how I get on with it of course. 

As you can see I look delira with myself the pictures speak for them selves these rollers are the business for big bouncy volume hair !! It gave me that I just got a big bouncy blow dry from a very pricey hairdresser feel without all that ratty backcombing ... I really cant recommend these enough ladies I know a lot of ye have bought them already and have thanked me so I will maybe do a youtube video of how to put them in soon. For those of you haven't got your hands on them the ones I used the big bounce are now sold out on cloud 10 but you can get them direct from sleep in rollers website don't forget that !! 

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Official Launch of Innocent Illusion's New Blog

Hey Ladies 

So on Monday 25th of November I was invited to attend a blog launch for Innocent Illusion blog by a really good friend and work colleague of mine Emily Maree you can read her amazing fashion blog here. The beautiful girl behind the Innocent Illusion blog was of course Séana Curly who looked catwalk worthy in her fantastic sequence number from Pia boutique in Galway.

Séana Curly Photo Courtesy of Jewel Studded Grunge

As it was the first blog launch I had ever attended I was extremely nervous as I'm really only a newbie to all this. After quite a long debate on what to wear and trying to fix my face and hair into some sort of put together look I finally grew a pair and went.

Myself and fellow blogger  Emily Fashion Fiend 

It was held in the ever so elegant Sheridan’s wine bar who supplied us with wine and food for the night. The night was a great success with the friendly atmosphere, pop up stalls from Irish Rain, Pia Boutique Galway and Meemaw Bags. There were lots of other bloggers there showing their support for Séana on her big night.

The pop up stands at the launch really had some amazing things to offer and were so friendly to talk to. You could really see the pride they took in their products, firstly it was Pia boutique that I visited and even got a piece for myself :) They are a new boutique in galway with some fabulous statement pieces of jewellery and clothing. The ladies on the night were so friendly and helpful I cant wait to visit the shop.

Pia Boutique's display at the launch you can find their website here for some really unique pieces

Secondly was the Irish Rain Natural skin care products stand where they had a huge variety of skin care products to suit all types of skin, They gave us a quick talk about what the brand represents and whats used in their products. The packaging alone was enough to draw me in with all the different colour's for each type of product. I will be doing a review on regenerating serum I got on the night so keep an eye out for that. 

Variety of skin care products available on the night 

The body Oil I loved they all smelled so good 

Finally then was the Meemaw Bags stand hosted by Eimear on the night, she had an amazing collection of some gorgeous handbags and clutches . Each one of them different to the other at really affordable prices from between €20 to €50 . I will be doing a full article on these gorgeous handbags in the next few days so stay tuned for some great christmas gift ideas. 

Meemaw bag selection at the launch 

Overall it was an amazing night where I met some lovely people and made some great friends who have been helping me along this whole daunting process of blogging. I look forward to the next one and I wish Séana all the best with Innocent Illusion.

Till then ladies thanks for visiting, enjoy the blog, 
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tutorials on Contouring

Hey Ladies 

I’m a self-confessed procrastinator, and seeing as its exam time for me at the moment I’ve been spending a lot of my study time taking breaks to watch you tube videos. I follow quite a lot of amazing video bloggers, some of my favourites would be Carli belleSMLx0 , So Sue Me to mention a few. However my go to video blogger has got to be Jaclyn Hill, she is a makeup artist who previously worked for Mac and has amazing videos on how to do almost everything with makeup. I will link some of her videos below but I would definitely recommend spending some time on her page as she gives amazing advice. Her videos on contouring and highlighting really changed how I apply my makeup, her eye makeup tutorials and fashion hauls are also brilliant. I know she’s not in Ireland but she’s uses a lot of well-known products that you can easily get. 

After I bought my concealer palettes and contour palette I wanted to make sure I knew how to use them properly so I watched some videos like any girl would do and here were some of my favourites 

Jaclyn Hill "How to contour , highlight and Blush"

"How to cream contour" Jacyln Hill

That's only a taster of some of her videos , Ill be adding some more in a few days.She really is a fantastic person and so friendly, I find it so easy to listen to her and follow her tips. I hope ye find her as useful as I do I think shes worth a watch. 
Her you tube channel can be found here , her website has some great style advice and makeup looks to try out also. 

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Sleek Haul

Hey Ladies 

I recently went on a spending splurge for an amazing makeup site called Sleek Makeup  I had watched some you tube makeup tutorials featuring some of their palettes and decided to bite the bullet and give them a try. I was quite worried as I've always liked to see the makeup in front of me before I buy it as I'm quite pale and sometimes the shades don't suit me. Yet thankfully I couldn’t have been happier with my purchases, I bought the sleek face form contour palette €12.99, the blush by 3 palette €12.99 and the eyebrow set €9.99. 

As you can see they have had quite a bit of use , I wanted to try them out properly before I did a review as I find sometimes after the initial excitement has worn off you start to notice things you don’t like about the products. However with these 3 items which I now use every day and couldn’t dream of living without, this most certainly didn’t happen. The first one I really put to the test was the face form contour set, its available in 4 different shades, I opted for the light shade as I thought the fair would be too light for when I had tan on. It has a matte effect bronzer for contouring, a shimmery powder for highlighting and a blusher called "rose gold" that I found gave my nars "Orgasm" blusher a run for its money. Each of the three has amazing pigmentation and lasting power. Since I’ve started using them a lot of people have asked me what products I use and can’t get over the fact that there so cheap.

Sleek Face Form Palette €12.99

The Bush by 3 palettes had the same amazing consistency as the contour palette, only with 3 gorgeous blushers to choose from. I love them all individually but found when mixed you can get some great combinations. I just love the packaging as it’s so slim and compact with its own mirror it seriously cuts down on the amount of makeup I have to cart around with me. I will say I did find the 3rd blusher a little too red (doesn’t quite show up in the photo) for my liking as it didn’t suit my skin tone but have started using as it as a lip gloss now instead sometimes.

Sleek Blush by 3 €12.99

Finally the brow set which I can’t really fault; as a previous lover of the benefit brow set I have most definitely been converted. At a fraction of the price with 5 shades to choose from I am in love with this little beauty. It has a wax style dark colour for outlining and shaping and a powder colour for filling in. They have great staying power and don’t leave me with that extreme eyebrow colour. I have found that if I leave it neat the radiator or my room is too warm the wax will become a little soft but that is more a fault on my part than the products but it’s definitely a tip.

They have a great selection of eye shadow palettes at great prices, when I get paid next I think I will invest in some of their lipsticks and powders so watch this space.

Till then ladies thanks for visiting, enjoy the blog, 
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hey Ladies xx

So as I mentioned before my skin has changed for the better lately hence the need (not want) for new products. I've always suffered with spots and combination skin with very dry areas and equally as oily areas, however now my skin is much smoother and easier to apply makeup on to. My spots went away with the help of medication and duac once daily cream courtesy of my housemate who swears by it. Yet I still suffered with uneven skin, large pores and could never get my makeup to sit right or last. I don’t know it’s just me but I found that my makeup would cake around my nose and chin , and yet it would be sliding of my checks revealing my redness on my cheeks in all its Irish glory. 

That is until I found these 3 miracle products shown above, they helped keep my skin moist where needed but not leave it greasy, close off my pores and give me a smooth base to apply my makeup. The No7 Airbrush Away Primer was my first purchase its €25 in boots I have to say, I fell in love with it immediately. Don't let the boring packaging put you off this little miracle bottle does exactly what it says on the tin. You need the tiniest amount to cover your face or just certain areas and it really does give you that perfect airbrushed base. I have used many primers and found they left my face greasy which led to my makeup sliding off just as easy as I had put it on. Yet with this primer my makeup doesn’t move it blends effortlessly with no lines or pores to sink into, and on a side note a little goes a long long way.

 Airbrush Away €25 at Boots

The second one I bought was the mac mineralize charged water moisture gel which has completely changed how my skin feels. I have used some of the most highly praised moisturisers with no luck such as Clinique dramatically different. Yet this little pot of gold makes my skin feel smooth and soft without leaving it greasy and shiny giving it a smooth silk like feel. It itself almost feels like a primer when it’s dried in if you didn’t have time to apply both. It’s a little pricey at €38 in Brown Thomas but in my opinion it’s worth it for the difference it has made to my skin and how I feel about my skin without makeup which is much more important. 

Lastly in this very long review, my most recent skin care purchase was the Clinique "take the day off cleansing milk". I wanted a cleanser that wouldn't be too heavy on my newly softened skin but still be strong enough to remove my crazy amounts of eyeliner and contouring creams. Let me tell you ladies I got what I asked for this bad boy priced at only €24.50 for a 200ml bottle leaves no trace ...let me say it again no trace of makeup , eyeliner , mascara or red lipstick on your face. Say goodbye to your chemically and drying face wipes and welcome this purple god into your skin regime. 

So there you have it my three new favourite skin products at the moment I couldn’t give them high enough praise if I tried , however everyone’s skin is different, so I would recommend going in and talking to one of the lovely ladies at the counters to see if it will suit yours . Click on individual photos to bring you to websites where you can buy them x

Till then ladies thanks for visiting, enjoy the blog, 
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